Ann Marie Amico


About the work:

In my work as a graphic designer, I use color and shape to create logos—marks which create meaning beyond their simple form.

My goals with collage and mixed media are similar. I use color, shape, symbology and context to create an image that has meaning to me. It’s my way of communicating an idea, an object, an emotion or a person without words, through an abstracted version of the original concept. Hopefully, the image will have meaning for others as well, allowing them to start with what’s in front of them, combine it with their own experience or ideas and connect meaning that is unique to them.

I start with an idea and let it unfold as I’m working. This process is such a perfect metaphor for life: beginning with the idea and then building layer upon layer, adding saved bits and pieces, using past experience as a reference point, modifying and adapting as new ideas come forward. Adjustments are made, sections become obscured, new and interesting places are revealed and very often, as in life, the place where I end up is actually quite different than the original plan.